Packaging means


riba – a company that takes responsibility.

As a manufacturer of high-quality packaging films, we have a great responsibility, which we feel particularly committed to in every respect. Our objective is the economic use of valuable raw materials and energy resources to make a sustainable contribution to securing the future.

As a supplier of packaging for the food industry, we are also an essential part of the production chain and make a significant contribution to food safety. We take this matter very seriously to make these safety features available at all times.

This includes identifying risks beforehand and to check all relevant, prevailing laws and regulations for compliance. Our procurement policy and production prescribes that all raw materials and supplies as well as all equipment have to meet high standards.

This mind-set is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Specific training ensures that all employees comply with relevant safety aspects and contribute to the development of the company.

We do all this with passion, for our customers, their clients and for the end consumer.


Achieving more together

We are one of the DERIBA Group's experts in environmentally friendly packaging. Together with our partners, we are working on a recycling loop for foils.

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